Owner:Cindy Lund
 Breeder:Joan & Bill Sands, and Deanna Wong
 Registration No:WP660132/07
 Date Whelped:09/19/1995

Kenai is a half sister to Sachi; same Dad, different moms.  Kenai was a back yard Akita who needed to be placed in a new home, due to circumstances beyond his control. The breeder contacted me to see if I would consider taking him in. He was about 15 months old.  We visited him and I knew he had to come home with me!  He was such a beautiful dog.  I decided to see what he would do in the show ring. He had minor obedience training and was willing to learn and please, once I gained his trust.  

We earned his Canadian Kennel Club Championship title,  including a Group Placement, and AKC points.  Kenai reached a point where he didn't care for the show scene, so I retired him.  He will always have a place in my home and heart. 




Great Grandparents
CH. CrownRoyal's The UntouchableCH. Crown Royal's Slugo-GoCrown Royal's Samurai Joe
Bondel's Chuken Sammi
Pharfossa's Kenjiko GrisleyCH. Toranaga's Michael-San
CH. Apache Dream Weaver
One Show DancerNikko XXVChiheisen Sir Max Bad Attitude
Karin On My Sweet Geze Louise
O'BJ Jenskumas Dream CometrueO'BJ Jens Kuma
Shigatsu Kaze

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